Classroom Photographer

This year the PTA is delighted to have 2 cameras available to the school for any school function. The use of these cameras will be to take pictures for any school activity. The role of the classroom photographer will be to simply check out the yearbook camera in the front office, use it at a school function, then check the camera back into the front office. There is no need to upload the pictures, just check it back in and we will get the pictures off the card.

If the classroom photographer would like to use their own camera they will simply go to:

Use code: YCAEXQ

Add pictures to the classroom teacher’s folder

This parent should also feel free to reach out to other classroom parents and have them upload pictures as well to increase chances of having yearbook pictures submitted.

Classrooms with the most pictures of different events will be awarded with a monthly teacher reward of $20 gift card towards Amazon.

Please feel free to share your parent name/email with me and

I can keep them up to date on events and sign up for the camera use.

***Fifth Grade classrooms will also be asked to arrange/upload

to get Guess Who and Sibling Pictures submitted by the deadline***

Any questions: