Rewards Parents Can Use At Home

Parents can provide non-food rewards at home. Respect and words of appreciation can go a long way. Saying "You did a great job" or "I appreciate your help" is often underestimated. Simply recognizing kids for good work or behavior is a great motivator and is always appreciated.

Here are other ways to reward a child's good behavior and academic excellence while generating fun and great results:

  • Allow your child to have a few friends over after school to play sports or watch a video.
  • Instead of heading out for ice cream, go for a 15-30 minute walk, one on one, if possible. You will spend quality time together and get some exercise at the same time!
  • Invite one of their friends to a sleepover.
  • Allow the child to pick an outdoor activity you can do together such as playing catch or Frisbee, or kicking a soccer ball around.
  • Let the child help plan a special outing.
  • Read a bedtime story of your child's choice.
  • Use coupons or tokens that allow 15 extra minutes of reading, listening to music, playing video games or some other activity they enjoy.
  • Have a family game night, and let the child choose the game(s).
  • Allow the child to pick a movie that the family will watch together or an outdoor sport that the family will play together.
  • Keep a box of special toys, computer games or art supplies that can only be used on special occasions.
  • Set up a system so that the child can earn movie tickets, coupons, gift certificates or discounts to skating rinks, bowling alleys, and other entertainment outlets.

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